Marchant Votes to Build the Wall and Secure our Borders

Congressman Kenny Marchant (TX-24) released this statement after the House passed legislation to secure our borders and fund the government:

“Last night I voted to pass common sense legislation to build the wall, provide disaster assistance to necessary areas, and keep the government open,” said Marchant. “In one month Speaker Pelosi will not allow us to put the security and safety of the American people first and secure our borders.

“We need to fulfill the will of the people and most of the feedback I’ve received from my district is to vote to fund the wall. We can’t allow the dysfunction of Washington and the Democrats putting party over country to put our citizens safety in jeopardy. The constant flow of opioids and Illegal immigration at our southern border has gone unchecked for too long. Congress needs to put the safety of Americans first and keep our promise of securing the border.”