Marchant Touts Presidential Memo Highlighting Need for Fair International Postal Rates

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Kenny Marchant (R-TX) issued the following statement after the White House announced a Presidential Memorandum requesting a modernized payment model for the delivery of goods through the international postal system:

“The United States Postal Service (USPS) currently collects below cost payments for international packages at the expense of US taxpayers,” said Marchant. “The fact that it costs my constituents more to ship a package domestically than a supplier from China to the United States raises the need for reform. This is why I introduced the Packages Overseas Subsidy Termination (POST) Act, H.R. 5524. The USPS lost $170 million on inbound international mail in 2017, a costly burden Americans continue to shoulder. US taxpayers shouldn’t pay more for stamps to subsidize packages from China, every day of inaction costs my constituents and the American people.

“My bill requires the USPS to establish nondiscriminatory rates between foreign and domestic mailers. This would end US taxpayers propping up foreign competitors and instill fair postal practices. Too many American companies are losing business while international suppliers are flooding the markets with knockoff products at a lower cost. This would even the playing field for domestic businesses, while strengthening the security of international mail.”