Marchant Statement on Reckless, Avoidable Schumer Shutdown

Washington – U.S. Congressman Kenny Marchant (TX-24) released the following statement on Day Three of Senate Democrats’ government shutdown:

“For three days, Senate Democrats – led by Chuck Schumer – have decided to put un-vetted illegal immigrants ahead of our military and their families. Senate Democrats, under Sen. Schumer’s ineffective leadership, have decided that fighting to give unwarranted amnesty to 800,000 illegal immigrants is more important that protecting services for low-income children, securing our border and securing benefits for our nation’s veterans. The time for Senator Schumer to put Americans’ first and protect the citizens of the United States is four days over-due.

“Critics are quick to point out that Republicans control majorities in both chambers, however, current filibuster rules require 60 votes to move this legislation through the Senate and send it to the President’s desk. With nearly all Republicans in both chambers ready and willing to reopen the government, the responsibility is squarely on Senate Democrats to put American citizens first and provide these essential services for Texas and our country. Only after their reckless, avoidable charade is complete – and the government is reopened – can we proceed to the important issues facing the American people.

“Last Thursday, I voted with the majority of House Republicans to fulfill this most basic congressional obligation of funding the federal government, and provide a multi-year extension of the Children’s Health Insurance Program in the process. CHIP is a program utilized by 400,000 low-income Texas infants and children, and it’s the third time in this Congress that I’ve voted with my House Republican colleagues to pass funding for this program.

“Yesterday, Senator Schumer again objected to a vote to reopen the government. What he previously called the ‘politics of idiocy, of confrontation, of paralysis’ is now unfortunately business as usual during this Schumer Shutdown.”