Marchant Statement on Veto Override of S. 2040 – Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act

WASHINGTON – September 28, 2016: U.S. Congressman Kenny Marchant (TX-24) issued the following statement following the successful override of the President’s veto of S. 2040.

“The action taken today to override the President’s veto of S. 2040 sends a needed and stern message to those who sponsor terrorist attacks on American soil,” said Marchant. “Terrorists and more specifically state-sponsors of terrorist activity, including foreign governments, must answer to those victims and pay for the pain, destruction and death that they cause.”

“The President’s veto was wrong. The victims of these horrific attacks have families that deserve the opportunity to seek justice against those responsible for the death of their loved ones. With my vote today, this law grants them the right to make their case. Families deserve the freedom to have their day in court and to have a judge hear their case against accountable parties, foreign governments included, who played a role in their suffering. This law grants them that right.”