Marchant Statement on Iran Nuclear Deal

U.S. Congressman Kenny Marchant (TX-24) issued the following statement on the announcement of a final agreement with Iran regarding its nuclear program:

“The president says his Iran deal ‘offers an opportunity to move in a new direction.’ That direction is backwards. His deal abandons our nation’s long-standing policy of preventing a nuclear-capable Iran and settles for simply managing the Iranian regime’s nuclear ambitions. Iran now stands to receive billions in permanent sanctions relief. All it has to provide in return are temporary concessions and compliance with short-term constraints that can easily be manipulated. In fact, Iran will not even have to cheat on this agreement to maintain its nuclear program. The deal allows the continued existence of vast enrichment capacity and key bomb-making technology.

“The administration repeatedly claimed it would walk away from a bad deal. Instead, they backed an agreement that legitimizes and rewards the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism. Why? Because the president believes we should ‘test’ whether Iran can ‘move in a different direction.’ This is absurd foreign policy that greatly diminishes the security of the U.S. and our allies – especially Israel. I will not support a deal that jeopardizes the safety of the American people.”