Marchant, Johnson to Introduce Stop Ebola Act

Congressmen Kenny Marchant (TX-24) and Sam Johnson (TX-03) announced today that they will introduce the Stop Ebola Act. The bill would ban travel and travel visas to the U.S. for foreign nationals traveling from or through countries designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as having “widespread and intense transmission” of Ebola.

“Our nation is behind the curve in combatting the domestic spread of Ebola,” said Congressman Marchant. “Containment efforts will remain inadequate if we rely solely on the reactive measures being taken by the administration. The Stop Ebola Act is a proactive approach to preventing additional travel-related cases of Ebola in the United States. I have called for travel and visa restrictions since Ebola’s first appearance in North Texas and thank Congressman Johnson for his shared commitment to utilizing every available precaution to keep the American people safe.”

“Congressman Marchant and I are fully committed to making sure that North Texans – and all Americans – are protected,” said Congressman Johnson. “We have both called on the President for travel and visa restrictions from Ebola-affected countries, but he is refusing to listen to the American people and do the right thing.  The Stop Ebola Act is a continuation of our efforts to stop this deadly disease in its tracks. It is time for President Obama to put the health of Americans first.  Period.”

By utilizing WHO’s designation of countries having “widespread and intense” Ebola transmission, the Stop Ebola Act would apply to all countries currently experiencing an Ebola outbreak and any country that experiences an outbreak in the future.

Congressman Marchant first called for a flight ban on October 1, 2014. He called on the U.S. Embassies in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone to immediately suspend the issuance of travel visas to the U.S. on October 2, 2014.