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Star of the 24th | Art in the Square
The Art in the Square festival has been selected as a Star of the 24th.  The art festival was founded by the non-profit Southlake Women’s Club in 2000. Each year, the club hosts the spring festival at the Southlake Town Square where it is annually attended by tens of thousands of visitors and over 140 artists.  The art festival has grown considerable over the years, and recently it was ranked as the 8th best arts festival in the United States by Arts Fair Sourcebook. 

The primary objective of Art in the Square is to provide local artists an environment to share their work with the North Texas community.  However, the underlining objective is to support young aspiring artists and charitable organizations serving women and families in the North Texas.  Over a period of 13 years, Art in the Square has astonishingly generated over $1,700,000 to assist people in need.

Art in the Square is an amazing accomplishment that benefits our community in numerous ways. Due to its continuous contribution to the people within the Congressional District, the festival has been distinguished as a Star of the 24th.   

Q&A with Lisa Quinn, Chairwoman of the Southlake Women’s Club

How did the Art in Square festival come into fruition?  

Brian Stebbins, the Developer of Southlake Town Square, had just built the first phase of Town Square.  He came to us and wanted to encourage Southlake Women’s Club to partner a major event.  Everyone agreed that we would like to support the “Cultural Life” in Southlake, where the proceeds would support some of the needs of the community and surrounding areas.

What do you foresee in the future for Art in the Square as it continues grow and garner more attention? 

Each year we grow a little bit more.  We are currently exploring how we want to continue to grow this amazing event.  You will want to watch for some very exciting things to come next year!

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